Engine building and Dyno service 

Dynamic Balancing

Engine, crankshaft and complete driveline.

Balancing is the key to a reliable, smooth engine resulting in maximum power output. An incorrectly balanced driveline results in sapping power and creating destructive vibration forces.

Dynamic balancing allows us to precisely and accurately balance crankshafts, clutches, flywheels, infact the whole driveline assembly together.

We balance the whole driveline at once. This means the crank, flywheel, clutch and cover all bolted together spinning on the machine. Our machine tells us what part has the imbalance and where Then   weight is either added or removed. The process is continually repeated until as near perfect balance as possible is achieved.

Piston and Rod Balancing

There is no point in having a perfectly balanced driveline if there is imbalanced weight hanging off it!

The pistons and rods must be balanced as well. The lightest rod and piston is found
and the others are adjusted to match that so their mass matches exactly.

Balancing Your Engine Helps:

  • Save on Fuel
  • Reduces Friction (heat)
  • Increase Longevity
  • Increase Horsepower      
  • Smoother Operation
  • Lower Chance of Fluid Leaks
  • Lessens Component Failure
  • More Consistency

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